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Fiber Cable Assemblies.

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Leading Factory

Fiber Cable Assemblies.

LC Fiber Optic Cables

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Fiber Connectivity

Fiber Optic Connectivity

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Industrial Fiber Cables

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Internet of things

Internet of Things

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FTTH fiber cables

Fiber to the Home



Huihong Technologies Limited specializes in fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic network devices manufacturing since 1995, we are known as the fiber optic cable manufacturer for the excellent products quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. We not only offer OEM fiber optic cable assemblies to some world leading companies in this industry, but we also cooperate with many other companies from all over the world and support these partners to win in the market. We are professional China fiber optic company.
Our fiber patch cables are made of premium quality materials by advanced manufacturing equipment. These fiber optic cable assemblies are also supplied to some world leading companies in this industry and to some university labs. These fiber cable assembly products include the SC, FC, ST, LC, MTP/MPO,etc types. Products are compliant with industry standards.
Pigtail fiber optic cable assemblies made by our factory include both standard type and fan out type. The pigtail assembly can be 0.9mm diameter cable or 2mm or 3mm diameter cables. They can be terminated with various kinds of different fiber optic connectors and with custom length.

What has been said

It has been a real pleasure working with Huihongfiber over the years. I have always found your team to be extremely professional, efficient and friendly.

Stephan Anderson, U.S.A

Prompt shipping, good prices compared with online store sellers. Your cables work great in our company platform, easy to install and management.

Stephanie Daniels

I have found you to be prompt and reliable. I get the FTTH products I need very quickly and can confidently set the tasks that need to be done and leave them to it.

Jack and Alison Hewitt

Huihong Technologies is professional, friendly, efficient and are always there to assist me. I have recommended them on numerous projects.

Weber Johnson

For quality fiber optic connection and conversion equipment you can trust us.

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We’re always ready to supply our quality fiber cable products. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

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