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Fiber Cable Assemblies.

  • Specialized Fiber Optic Cables Manufacturer Since 1995.

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Leading Factory

Fiber Cable Assemblies.


Award winning results

Since 1995, we have been cooperating with clients and friends from all over the world, to supply the fiber optic cables and fiber optic equipment; we look forward to the cooperation with you too.

To work with you is always easy and efficient, it saves me the money and time, you are the real experts in the fiber optic communication area.

Steve Nicholas, Australia


Jenny Brown, U.K

Just a quick note to thank you and the team for our fiber optic communication system. All seems to be working well so far,It’s nice to work with a company with a high level of service.


Jeffrey Ross,Germany

I heard about your reputation; the cables are just what I expected and have been working great. made in a good quality, cheap price for it and works fine. It is definitely worth to purchase for the price and the quality that it offers.


Alexandra Stitz, Kenya

We are thrilled we made the decision to choose huihong technologies over 5 other companies that we reviewed.We look forward to working with you in the future fiber optic projects.


Richard Watkins, France

By using converters and cables from you, nothing never goes wrong, your fiber cables are constructed better than average. And as usual, excellent service – friendly, fast and efficient. You are the real specialists in this area.


Jim Hart, Singapore

My experience with this company was and always has been great. Their fiber cables and transceivers are awesome, customer service professional and deliver as promised. I always feel confident by choosing products here.


Keven Green, Canada

Thanks for the fast delivery and good packing, no issues. The equipment and cables were delivered within the time frame – I highly recommend Huihong Technologies for the fiber cables and units.

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